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Plano divorce mediation servicesOne of the most common problems divorce attorneys and mediators see in their clients is a desire to fight over small things that do not make much of a difference in the long run. This is only natural; after many years of major disputes, spouses are frequently motivated to get control of the outcome of their divorce in any way they can. Unfortunately, while this instinct is understandable, it is also counterproductive when it comes to mediating a meaningful compromise on major issues involved in a divorce, such as child custody arrangements and property division. Here are eight things that divorce experts suggest you should not spend time fighting about during your divorce. 


This category extends to tools and other equipment. While some tools and appliances can be valuable, they are rarely unique or have sentimental value. It is better to let these things go and let the spouse who prefers to have the tools have them. 


Pets and other animals can be a hard thing to manage in divorce because both spouses often have a deep attachment to them. However, animals and their products are considered property in Texas. Instead of fighting over an animal, consider whether you want to be attached to your spouse with “custody” of an animal or whether it would be better to get your own. 


Texas divorce mediation servicesAs you may realize, mediation can be an essential tool for resolving a wide variety of family law issues related to divorce and divorce order modification. While many couples know that they can hire a mediator to help them negotiate their divorce decree, fewer people realize that a mediator can also be very helpful when it comes time to modify a decree. 

Child support is just one area that may require modification several times over the years.  Understanding when it is possible to modify child support payments, and then having the help of an attorney as you negotiate an appropriate change in payment amounts, can be a great way to help ensure the success of your petition. 

Can I Change Our Child Support Order at Any Time? 

Because Texas courts recognize that stability is essential for a child’s well-being, and because courts also want to prevent parents from antagonizing each other with frivolous lawsuits, there are strict limitations on when child support orders may be modified. To change a child support order, one of three things must be true: 


Plano divorce mediation servicesPets are part of the family. It is a saying we hear all the time and perhaps it never feels more true than during a Texas divorce, when a family is dividing and different people, pets, and belongings are going their separate ways. Questions about what will happen to pets in a divorce understandably cause most people to worry about the future of their relationship with their pet. 

Even though a pet may, in many ways, feel like a child to its owners, Texas law considers domestic animals to be in the same category as property like a home or a car. Although Texas requires all marital property to be divided in a divorce, do not despair just yet of losing your beloved dog or cat. Mediation may be able to help you seek better options.

Who Does the Pet Belong To? 

Marital property needs to be divided in a divorce, but personal property does not. Whether an animal is personal property or marital property depends on whether it was owned before the marriage by one spouse or brought into the family during the marriage. Property acquired during a marriage, even by one spouse, is considered marital property unless it is a gift or inheritance. This can make determining a pet’s status somewhat tricky. 


Plano divorce mediation attorney

Individuals seeking a divorce in Texas are bound to run into conflict as they negotiate important issues like child support, property division, parenting agreements, and other myriad problems that must be solved before a divorce can be finalized. A few spouses are good at negotiating problems and can create a divorce agreement without any help. A few spouses cannot agree about anything and end up litigating their differences in a hostile court battle. 

Most spouses are somewhere in between, however; certain issues may be easy to resolve while others seem impenetrable, even after hours of unproductive conversations. If you are in this situation, relax and remember that even the most intractable divorces eventually come to an end. Then, read this post and consider meeting with a great Texas divorce mediation attorney. 


Collin County divorce mediation servicesDivorce has traditionally meant expensive, drawn-out meetings in court with each spouse working their hardest to get the best deal at the expense of the other. Today, however, spouses seeking a Texas divorce have a better option: mediation. While mediation is a great resource for couples seeking to save money and minimize conflict in their divorce, it is not a magic bullet that will solve every problem without serious effort on the part of each spouse. If you are getting divorced and seeking mediation, here are three common mistakes to avoid. 

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Spouses often enter mediation with the idea that, because it is less hostile than traditional courtroom litigation, it will be possible to get everything they want. But while mediation is a dispute resolution process, it still involves compromise between two people who often have mutually exclusive goals. It is important not to allow yourself to be taken advantage of, but it is equally important to expect to be at least somewhat dissatisfied by the outcome. 

Making Short-Term Decisions About Long-Term Issues 

It can be tempting to focus on all the ways your spouse has wronged you and all the things that make him or her a terrible parent, then use these things to justify trying to keep your spouse away from your kids. But your kids will get older and develop an adult perspective on your separation from your spouse. Unless your spouse presents a legitimate danger to your children, making an effort to alienate them from one parent is likely to seriously backfire. Try to put your personal differences aside when you are creating a parenting plan and focus on what is best for your children. 

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