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Three Situations in Which a Mediator Can Help You File a SAPCR

 Posted on July 26, 2022 in Child Custody Mediation

Texas child custody mediationOnce your Texas divorce is over and you have adjusted to not being married to your former partner, you may still be surprised by how much you remain in contact with him or her if you still share minor children. This may be distressing for some parents and less so for others, but one thing that is for sure is that you are still required to follow the legally-enforceable parenting agreement contained in your divorce decree. 

However, circumstances can change greatly over the years, and you may find that your current custody order is no longer workable for any number of reasons. If you need to modify your custody order, you will need to file a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship, or SAPCR. Just like with your divorce, a mediator can help you overcome differences with your child’s other parent so you can create a custody agreement that benefits everyone. Here are three situations in which you may want the help of a mediator during your SAPCR. 

Your Child Has Their Own Preferences

As children get older, they begin to have opinions about where they want to live and why. Once children are 12 years old, they are legally allowed to give their input and have it considered when making custody adjustments. When one parent does not agree with the child’s preferences, a mediator can help both parents discuss the situation with the child and try to find a good balance of everyone’s preferences and concerns. While minor children are still children with limited knowledge and wisdom, many parents find that respecting their wishes when practical and possible makes for a happier, more cooperative kid. 

One Parent Needs to Move

A parental relocation can totally upend the existing parenting agreement. If one parent needs to move, it may be helpful to have a mediator as you enter extensive neogtiation about traveling, transporting children, weekend and holiday visitation, changing a child’s school, and more. 

An Unstable Parental Environment

When your co-parent is demonstrating their inability to safely care for your child, you may rightfully have concerns and want to see those concerns reflected in a modified custody plan. If one parent is sinking into a debilitating depression, exhibiting alcohol or drug abuse, moving frequently or losing jobs, or failing to adhere to your possession and access schedule, it may be time to bring these problems before a judge to see if the current parenting plan is still in your child’s best interests. 

Call an Experienced Collin County SAPCR Mediation Lawyer

Having a skilled Plano SAPCR mediation attorney on your side when modifying your custody plan can result in faster, more efficient negotiations that benefit your child while reducing conflict. Call the offices of Divorce Mediation Centers of America today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how we can help. Contact us at 469-406-4320



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