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What Does the Average Divorce Mediation Process Look Like?

 Posted on March 13, 2022 in Divorce Mediation

Collin County divorce mediation lawyerMarried spouses who choose to divorce must address multiple issues. Most married spouses have built a life together. They may share financial assets like bank accounts and vehicles and have children together. They may need to address spousal support or alimony and other special issues.

If you are getting divorced, you should know that divorce does not have to be antagonistic and hostile. You and your spouse may be able to negotiate the terms of your divorce in a collaborative, non-adversarial way through mediation. A skilled mediator may be able to help you reach agreements about some or all of your divorce issues outside of the courtroom. If you are considering mediation, you may have questions about what the mediation process will look like and how long it will take.

Resolving Divorce Matters Through Mediation in Texas

Mediation is an alternative resolution method that countless divorcing spouses have utilized in Texas and throughout the U.S. For many couples, mediation allows them to figure out the details of their divorce without the courtroom stress and drama associated with contested divorce cases.

Each couple is different and brings different needs and desires to the table. However, the main stages of the mediation process are often similar:

  • Initial consultation – Many mediators offer a free initial consultation. During the initial consultation, the spouses and the mediator will discuss the mediation process and the mediator will answer any of the spouses’ questions. The mediator will discuss the rules of mediation and each party’s expectations. For example, one important rule of mediation is that the process is confidential.
  • Spouses gather necessary information and documents – Usually, the mediator will ask the spouses to gather financial documents and other relevant information prior to the first mediation session. You may want to gather tax returns, bank statements, child-related information, and make lists of your assets and debts so you will be well prepared to discuss these issues during mediation.
  • Mediation session(s) – Some couples are able to resolve all of their divorce issues during one mediation session. Others require multiple sessions. During mediation, the mediator will help you discuss the unresolved issues, explore various solutions, and find common ground.
  • Filing the settlement – Once you and your spouse have reached an agreement on property division, child custody, and any other issues, these issues are formalized through a mediation settlement agreement. This settlement is filed with the court and becomes the final divorce decree.  

Set Up Your Free Initial Consultation with a Plano Mediator

If you are getting divorced and you want to learn more about mediation, contact the Collin County family law mediators at Divorce Mediation Centers of America. Call 469-406-4320 today.



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