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Can We Seek Mediation in Our Texas Divorce Over Just One Problem?

 Posted on June 15, 2022 in Divorce Mediation

Plano divorce mediation attorney

Individuals seeking a divorce in Texas are bound to run into conflict as they negotiate important issues like child support, property division, parenting agreements, and other myriad problems that must be solved before a divorce can be finalized. A few spouses are good at negotiating problems and can create a divorce agreement without any help. A few spouses cannot agree about anything and end up litigating their differences in a hostile court battle. 

Most spouses are somewhere in between, however; certain issues may be easy to resolve while others seem impenetrable, even after hours of unproductive conversations. If you are in this situation, relax and remember that even the most intractable divorces eventually come to an end. Then, read this post and consider meeting with a great Texas divorce mediation attorney. 

What Is the Role of Divorce Mediation? 

Divorce mediation is intended to help couples resolve their differences by articulating each spouse‚Äôs priorities and compromising on issues that are less important. And private mediation is customizable, meaning spouses can focus on issues however they see fit. 

Some spouses begin mediation with the intent to only resolve one or two issues before moving on to finalize their divorce. However, as the process moves along, the ease and effectiveness of mediation may open the possibility of approaching other issues as well. Either way is great; as long as both parties can eventually agree to the terms, the divorce can be successful.

How Can We Prepare to Discuss an Issue in Mediation? 

Couples in mediation are often primed for conflict because they have usually spent so much time arguing over an issue before approaching their mediator. So the first thing couples can do is try to step back and take a dispassionate approach to the issue. Some good questions to ask yourself before beginning mediation include: 

  • What are my objectives? 
  • Are these objectives realistic for my spouse? 
  • Are these objectives likely to be approved by a judge? 
  • What is my spouse likely to want? 
  • What is best for my children? 
  • What are my long-term financial goals? 
  • Where am I willing to compromise? 

While these questions are not easy to answer, working on them before mediation will help you save time and money during the mediation process. Talk to your attorney so you can understand the range of options available to you. Gather the necessary documents so you can avoid disagreement over hard facts. Then, remind yourself that the vast majority of mediations result in a resolution and contact someone who can help. 

Contact a Collin County Divorce Mediation Lawyer

No matter how many issues you and your spouse are struggling to negotiate, the experienced Plano, TX divorce mediation lawyer with Divorce Mediation Centers of America can help you work towards resolving your differences and creating a divorce agreement that works for you both. Call our offices today at 469-406-4320 to schedule a complimentary consultation and start down the road towards a peaceful resolution. 




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