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How Can Mediation Help Me Complete My Divorce Without Hiring a Lawyer?

 Posted on November 08, 2021 in Divorce Mediation

Plano divorce mediatorsDivorce is an adversarial process. While you and your spouse may have functioned as a team while you were married, now that you have chosen to end your marriage, you will each be looking to protect your own interests. This is necessary, since you will each want to make sure you reach a fair outcome while ensuring that you will be able to move forward with your separate lives. However, even though you and your spouse will no longer be a united front, this does not mean that you need to prepare for high levels of conflict as you complete the process of dissolving your marriage. Instead of fighting legal battles, you may be able to complete your divorce without the need for an attorney.

Most divorces are completed through the creation of a divorce settlement, since the process of divorce litigation can take a great deal of time, and it can be very expensive for both parties. Rather than arguing matters in court, you and your spouse will present the court with an agreed divorce settlement, and after this settlement is approved by a judge, your marriage will be terminated. But how can you get to this point, and how can you make sure you will both be satisfied with your divorce settlement? In many cases, the best way to address these issues is through mediation.

Reaching a Divorce Settlement Through Mediation

The process of negotiating a divorce settlement can be time consuming, and both you and your spouse will want to make sure your interests will be protected in the decisions that you make. By working with a neutral mediator who is experienced in addressing divorce-related issues, you can make sure you will meet all of your legal requirements, and you can reach fair and workable agreements. Your mediator can guide you through productive discussions, explain how the divorce laws apply to you, and help you find solutions that you can both agree on.

With your mediator’s help, you can make sure your divorce settlement fully addresses all of the issues that you will need to resolve in order to end your marriage. You and your spouse can determine the best ways to divide the marital property you own as fairly as possible while ensuring that you will each be able to own items that are important to you and that you will both have the financial resources you need going forward. If you have children, you can determine child custody arrangements that will allow you both to be closely involved as parents while ensuring that your children can maintain close relationships with you and spend a good amount of time in each of your homes. You can also address any other divorce-related issues, such as whether one spouse will pay spousal support to the other, how you will divide the costs of raising your children, and how you will handle ownership of your home. At the end of the process, you will have a fully agreed upon settlement that can be filed in court to complete your divorce.

Contact Our Plano Divorce Mediators

As you negotiate a divorce settlement, you will want to work with a mediator who has experience helping spouses reach agreements and find solutions that will meet their needs. Our Collin County divorce mediation services help couples provide couples with peaceful, effective methods of resolving their disputes. Call us at 469-406-4320 to arrange a free consultation and learn how we can help you.



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