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Can Our Texas Divorce Mediator Stop the Mediation Process?

 Posted on April 15, 2022 in Divorce Mediation

Texas divorce mediation servicesAlthough the vast majority of those who use mediation eventually find a resolution to all the important issues in their Collin County divorces, not all mediation efforts are successful. A mediator may decide to delay or permanently terminate divorce mediation, and although it may be frustrating to hear this, it may ultimately be for the best. If you are anticipating a high-conflict divorce and are considering mediation, you may want to know the reasons that a mediator may pause or withdraw from a couple’s mediation efforts. 

When is Mediation Not the Best Choice for Your Family? 

Although extensive research and millions of successfully divorced couples illustrate that mediation is often the best option, the truth is that no solution to divorce works for everyone. Many couples save time, money, and emotional upheaval using mediation, but if the process is not effective for you, it does not matter how well it works for someone else. Mediation may fail for several reasons, including, but not limited to: 

  • Violence between spouses - A mediator will generally not begin working with a couple if domestic violence is in the picture. If it becomes apparent to a mediator that domestic violence is playing a role in a couple’s relationship after mediation has already begun, the mediator may stop or suspend mediation. 
  • Danger to the children - If one party makes a threat during mediation to harm the couple’s children or to take them away if a satisfactory result is not reached, a mediator may stop the process. Under certain circumstances, mediators are obligated to inform the authorities of potential violence or criminal behavior, including child abuse or neglect. 
  • Unfairness - If the mediator believes that she cannot act as an unbiased or neutral third party, that the final settlement is not fair, or that one spouse is using mediation to manipulate or control the other spouse, the mediator may choose to stop the mediation process. 

If your mediator decides to stop working for you, it is probably a good idea to trust their judgment and ask yourself whether mediation is really in your best interests, especially if the mediator believes your spouse is trying to take advantage of you. 

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