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How to choose a divorce mediator: 3 Things to consider

 Posted on July 14, 2016 in Divorce Mediation

Deciding to move forward with a divorce can be stressful and painful. By choosing mediation, an alternative to court, people can avoid the additional emotional turmoil, expenses and embarrassment that typically come with a courtroom battle. Mediation allows you to stay in control of the process, rather than turning control over to impersonal divorce attorneys. However, not all mediators are the same. Should you decide to take the more beneficial and collaborative approach to divorce, here are three questions to explore that will help you choose an effective mediator:

1. Can you trust this person?

Your mediator is going to work with you on some very personal matters. You need to feel that you can implicitly trust this professional. A true mediator is not only competent but radiates empathy and compassion for his or her client.

2. Is family mediation their only focus?

Be careful hiring a Jack of all trades. A truly effective divorce professional will focus only on family matters. If a mediator has many clients not related to family mediation, they may not be the best fit for your divorce needs. Always ask how many of their cases are family mediation versus other types of mediation.

3. What is their level of education and experience?

Make sure the professional you choose is certified in the field of mediation. Does your mediator have a legal background? Does your mediator go above and beyond the basic education needed for a certification? How long have they been mediating?

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