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Divorce Mediation Services in Collin County

You may assume that getting a divorce means hiring an attorney, going to court, and fighting with your spouse to see which of you will come out on top. However, the truth is that there are many different methods for reaching a divorce resolution, often with much less stress and conflict. One of those methods is divorce mediation.

At Divorce Mediation Centers of America, we are strong believers in the effectiveness of mediation for helping couples end their marriages in a way that is more cost-effective and mutually satisfying. Our experience practicing family law has prepared us with a broad and deep understanding of the Texas divorce process, and our mediation training and experience have prepared us to guide you through a less stressful divorce.

Divorce and Family Law Mediation in Plano

Divorcing spouses are confronted with a variety of important decisions, including how to protect and divide their assets and how to handle their children's care and financial support. Unmarried parents also have important issues to resolve regarding child custody and child support. These issues may seem to be adversarial in nature, with each spouse or parent fighting for their own interests at the expense of the other. However, Texas family courts typically encourage the parties to reach an agreement whenever possible.

Mediation is a guided means of reaching such an agreement. You may want to consider mediation if you are concerned about reaching an agreement on your own, or if you simply want someone with experience to help you through the process. When meeting with you and your spouse, your mediator will remain neutral, but will help to ensure that discussions stay productive and will offer suggestions for solutions that may meet both spouse's needs.

For example, when addressing property and asset division, mediation may allow each spouse to retain possession of the assets that are most important to them, like a home, business, or retirement account, rather than being forced to sell them or give up a significant share. Creative solutions may include compensating a spouse with other assets, agreeing to spousal support, or even finding a way to remain co-owners of certain assets.

With regard to child custody and child support, mediation can help parents work through important details including possession and visitation schedules, decision-making responsibilities, communication and information sharing, and the sharing of basic and extraordinary child-related expenses. Parents who can reach a mediated agreement may be better able to work together for the benefit of their children in the future.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Creative, personalized solutions are one of the most notable benefits of divorce mediation, along with the fact that the terms of your divorce resolution or entirely shaped by the decisions that you and your spouse make, rather than what a judge orders. Other possible benefits of mediation include:

  • Greater privacy - Mediation proceedings are confidential, taking place only between the spouses and the mediator. This is in stark contrast to divorce litigation, which is a matter of public record.
  • Lower costs - We provide our mediation services at a flat rate, which is typically lower than the costs of hiring an attorney and engaging in contested litigation in court.
  • More efficient results - Many of our clients are able to reach a resolution over the course of a single mediation session, rather than waiting through each step in the litigation process and attending multiple court hearings.

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We are happy to help divorcing spouses work toward a resolution that meets their needs. Contact us today at 469-406-4320 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about what we can do for you. We serve clients in Plano and throughout Collin County and the surrounding areas in North Texas.

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