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Texas Mediation FAQs

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If you are considering the mediation process for your divorce or child custody agreement, you probably have many questions. At Divorce Mediation Centers of America, we have answers. Based on more than 30 years of experience in family law, we will help you understand what to expect before, during and after mediation.

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Following are some additional questions about uncontested divorce and custody mediation.

Q: Is mediation binding?

A: No. While the mediation settlement agreement is a legal document that cannot be changed, it is not legally binding until the final paperwork is filed with the court.

Q: Do you need a lawyer for mediation?

A: No. During mediation, you will work with a neutral mediator to arrive at a mutual agreement. You do not need an attorney. However, you are free to consult with a lawyer of your choice at any point.

Q: Do I have to go to court?

A: The final mediation settlement does need to be filed with the court. You can choose whether to go to court in person, or you can take advantage of our e-filing option and never step foot in a courtroom.

Q: How long does mediation take?

A: Often the parties are able to resolve any disputes over aspects of divorce or child custody in one mediation session. We offer a flat fee for a full day of mediation (8 hours). If, during your initial consultation, we discuss matters that make your situation more complex, we will let you know if multiple sessions can be expected. For example, if one party owns a business or there are significant property division issues, we may need to bring in a financial consultation, which may take longer.

Q: What if we settle and I change my mind?

A: If only one person changes their mind and no longer wants to move forward with the mediation agreement, the process comes to a standstill. However, if both parties agree to it, they can start the mediation process over again.

Q. Who can I contact with questions?

If you are ready to take the first step toward a low-cost divorce or custody arrangement, call Divorce Mediation Centers of America in McKinney at 469-406-4320. You can also contact our office using our online form. We serve clients in Collin County, Denton County, and throughout North Texas.

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