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About Divorce Mediation Centers of America in Texas

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McKinney Family Law Mediators Serving Collin County, TX

Divorce Mediation Centers of America is led by Sharon Easley, a successful family law attorney and certified mediator with over 30 years of experience. In 2012, she decided to focus on helping people who want amicable, cost-effective resolutions to divorce and child custody matters outside of the courtroom.

To learn more about attorney-mediator Sharon Easley, review her profile through the link below.

Attorney-Mediator Sharon Easley

We offer an extensive network of mediators and attorney resources. Depending on your location and needs, we can connect you with professionals we recommend.

Why Choose an Attorney-Mediator?

As our client, you will benefit from having an unbiased attorney-mediator to guide you through the mediation process. Most mediators are not lawyers, and vice versa. Due to her extensive legal background, Sharon is able to provide detailed instructions for filing the final paperwork online once you reach an agreement. This means you will not have to go to a lawyer or to court to file, if you do not want to.

A lawyer's hands are tied in many situations. But, a mediator is able to ensure that all issues are settled in a manner in which both parties are satisfied. With Sharon's background, you will feel confident that your mediation settlement is drafted with clear and unambiguous language that will stand up in court, if needed.

Take the First Step Toward a Peaceful Resolution

If you are facing a difficult divorce or family law matter, contact our office in McKinney to discuss your needs and learn about mediation in a free consultation. Call 469-406-4320 today. We serve clients throughout North Texas, including in Collin County, Denton County, Dallas County, and the surrounding communities.

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