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McKinney Child Custody Mediation in Texas

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Child custody is one of the most frequently litigated areas of family law. When a custody case goes to court, the outcome is always unpredictable. When such an important decision is being made — one that impacts the lives of both you and your children, why leave the outcome in the hands of a judge? At Divorce Mediation Centers of America in McKinney, we want you to stay in control as you work with your child's other parent to come to an agreement on issues such as parenting time/visitation, extracurricular activities and holidays.

Save Money and Emotional Turmoil

Divorcing or separating parents can easily spend tens of thousand dollars each if they choose to litigate over custody matters. On the other hand, many parents find that all of their issues involving their kids can be resolved through mediation, thereby eliminating the cost of hiring attorneys. And by working through your issues and arriving at a win-win situation, you will not only save money — you'll also avoid the emotional turmoil and stress that comes with a courtroom legal battle. Most parents who participate in child custody mediation find that they are able to preserve a healthy co-parenting relationship going forward.

How Custody Mediation Works in America

America law prefers that parents have joint custody, but what that can mean varies from case to case. At Divorce Mediation Centers of America, our mediators draw on wealth of training and experience in child custody matters to help parents weigh the pros and cons of their choices and the impact each will have on their children's needs.

An agreement between parents who know their unique situation and what their children need always results in a better resolution than they would get from lawyers and a judge who does not know them or their children at all. This applies to initial custody agreements, as well as to child custody modifications.

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Give your kids a fighting chance without the fight. Contact our office to learn more about finding a peaceful resolution to your child custody situation. Call 469-406-4320 for a free consultation. We help families in Plano, Frisco, McKinney, Denton, Collin County, Denton County, and throughout North Texas.

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