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Three Mistakes to Avoid During Texas Divorce Mediation

 Posted on May 25, 2022 in Divorce Mediation

Collin County divorce mediation servicesDivorce has traditionally meant expensive, drawn-out meetings in court with each spouse working their hardest to get the best deal at the expense of the other. Today, however, spouses seeking a Texas divorce have a better option: mediation. While mediation is a great resource for couples seeking to save money and minimize conflict in their divorce, it is not a magic bullet that will solve every problem without serious effort on the part of each spouse. If you are getting divorced and seeking mediation, here are three common mistakes to avoid. 

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Spouses often enter mediation with the idea that, because it is less hostile than traditional courtroom litigation, it will be possible to get everything they want. But while mediation is a dispute resolution process, it still involves compromise between two people who often have mutually exclusive goals. It is important not to allow yourself to be taken advantage of, but it is equally important to expect to be at least somewhat dissatisfied by the outcome. 

Making Short-Term Decisions About Long-Term Issues 

It can be tempting to focus on all the ways your spouse has wronged you and all the things that make him or her a terrible parent, then use these things to justify trying to keep your spouse away from your kids. But your kids will get older and develop an adult perspective on your separation from your spouse. Unless your spouse presents a legitimate danger to your children, making an effort to alienate them from one parent is likely to seriously backfire. Try to put your personal differences aside when you are creating a parenting plan and focus on what is best for your children. 

Hiding Information

Divorce can mean that your worst moments are going to be put on full display. It can be tempting to hide information or lie to make yourself look better. Likewise, it might seem like a good idea to put away money without mentioning it so you have a little cash on hand after the divorce. But lying or suppressing information during divorce is another strategy that is likely to backfire. For example, a judge who finds out that one spouse is hiding assets during mediation may end the mediation process and require the spouses to litigate their divorce in the courtroom to prevent any more dishonesty. A judge who knows you tried to hide money could very well penalize you for it in the asset division process. Stay safe by dealing fairly and honestly throughout your mediation. 

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Sharon Easley is an experienced Collin County divorce attorney-mediator who has worked with many divorcing couples to help them tackle the tough challenges of separating. If you want to learn more about how she may be able to help you, contact the offices of Divorce Mediation Centers of America today at 469-406-4320 to schedule a free consultation. 



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