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What Our Clients Say About Us

Sharon made our very difficult situation smooth and caring. She did a wonderful job at keeping us on task and helping us to be able to slow down when emotions got high. She was amazing at slowing us down and helping us think through what was best for our children and ourselves. By the end of our session we both felt heard and respected. We were blessed by the entire process and pray that others will use this to move forward in a fair and healthy way. Thank you Sharon!

- Michelle, 2020

Just wanted to say thank you, as well. Yesterday, your level of experience in the courtroom came shining through. You were AWESOME, Sharon! I know this is just a temp order, but I have all the confidence things will be settled soon…because my attorney rocks lol. Thanks again.

- Ashley, 2017

Sharon was very easy to work with! She really listened and never made me feel rushed. She worked until the divorce was agreed upon by both parties. I highly recommend Sharon, and would not hesitate to use her again!

- Shana, 2017

Sharon Easley mediated our divorce and I could not be more pleased with how she handled everything especially her concern for our children. I had heard that she was a zealous advocate for children and from the beginning her primary concern was for our two small children. I had also heard how two divorce attorneys going at each other in court could make enemies out of my wife and I. In our mediation session Sharon made it very clear that she was there to do what was best for all with children first and each of us second. She never waivered from that. There were some fairly thorny issues we had to maneuver through but in about 41/2 hours Sharon was able to work with both of us to come to a conclusion. We never went to court just spent a day with the mediation team. My wife and I are still best of friends and just want to do what is best for our children. Thanks Sharon.

- Ted, 2017

Over the years I've had to use Sharon and her legal team on several occasions. If you find yourself in need of a divorce lawyer or mediator, I highly recommend using Sharon as she and her team truly care about your situation.

- Cliff, 2017

I am sure that I can speak for both Cassie and me, when saying that we are extremely appreciative for all of the help Sharon provided in settling our divorce issues. You made the process as painless as possible. Happy 2017.

- Tyler, 2017

Incredible attorney! Sharon Easley represented my child custody case several years ago and I was extremely impressed with her ethics, drive and motivation to make sure the right thing happens. Not only was she concerned with me as a person, but for the welfare of my children, too. I personally think she's the best lawyer in America! Thank you Sharon!

- Cliff, 2015

My husband and I had been separated for several years but we had never divorced, in part, because we could not agree to several things. Also, we did not want to spend money on lawyers and turn our divorce into a big fight. I heard about Sharon Easley and Divorce Mediation Centers from a friend. So I called her. We got in to see her right away. She met with us and explained the process. We then scheduled the mediation and paid her a reasonable reservation fee, which she applied to the overall fee to mediate between us. In less than a day, we had reached an agreement on every issue. She provided us with the necessary forms to finalize our divorce with very quickly and with confidence that we were doing it the right way. I highly recommend Divorce Mediation Centers to anyone who is contemplating a divorce. The cost was very reasonable and far less than what we would have spent if we had each hired a lawyer.

- Traci, 2014

Sharon Easley and Divorce Mediation Centers were recommended to me by my boss. He had gone through the process and was very satisfied with the way everything was handled. My husband and I did not get along well, so I was not sure mediation would work for us. Sharon handled each of our issues with so much objectivity and patience that she helped us come together on some very difficult decisions we had to make about our 2 year-old daughter. We were both really impressed with Sharon and with the process. Everyone considering divorce, especially if you have children, should try mediation first and I highly recommend Divorce Mediation Centers of America.

- Kasey, 2015

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