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How do I prepare for mediation?

 Posted on February 19, 2018 in Divorce Mediation

You are among the many divorcing couples in Texas who have chosen a mediated divorce over traditional litigation. This can be a wise choice, as you know. Mediation offers numerous benefits over litigation, including costing less, saving time and being less stressful on everyone involved. You can also learn negotiation and communication techniques that may continue to serve you not only in your daily life, but while you co-parent with your ex.

However, as you also know, no divorce is entirely stress-free, even an uncontested one. You might have feelings of anxiety and stress as your initial mediation date approaches, and this is completely normal. It may help to prepare yourself mentally and physically. Some ways to achieve this can include the following:

  • Consider what is best for everyone. Be open to possible outcomes that can benefit your children, yourself and even your soon-to-be-ex in the long run.
  • Make a list. Write down the conflicts that you and your spouse are likely to bring up during the mediation process.
  • Problem-solve ahead of time. Come up with possible solutions and put them in your list, so you can discuss them during mediation sessions.
  • Be prepared to be flexible and open-minded. Mediation works best when both parties cooperate, respect each other and work together to come up with solutions everyone can agree on.
  • Take care of yourself. The stress of a divorce can take an emotional and physical toll; take some time to de-stress, treat yourself to a small gift, exercise, meditate or have lunch with a friend.

Like any type of divorce, mediation can take some work and effort, but the result is usually far preferable to going to court or hiring expensive lawyers. The key to successfully approaching mediation is to go in prepared, be willing to compromise and remember to cooperate and treat each other with respect and civility.

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