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Benefits of mediation after divorce

 Posted on December 12, 2017 in Divorce Mediation

If couples are engaging in an amicable divorce, the use of mediation is quite common. Many parties find the mediation option to be very beneficial.

As life goes on, individuals may find it necessary to modify their divorce settlements. In such cases, there are a few benefits of utilizing mediation rather than a divorce attorney.


Most times when couples handle matters through the court, the details of the case become public record. For this reason, those who seek privacy should consider mediation. The process is "closed-door," so the details of the mediation are not added to the record. This can be especially attractive to those with a high level of assets.


Similar to mediation during divorce, mediation after divorce can be substantially cheaper than using an attorney. Instead of having to pay for two separate attorneys and court fees, former spouses may split the cost of mediation. Even if the mediation takes a few sessions, it still turns out to be quite cheaper in most instances.


In essence, mediation is a way of consolidating the settlement process. Instead of a third party having to examine evidence, hear testimony and make a decision, the two parties involved negotiate the terms of the agreement amongst themselves. This allows for a faster, more efficient process.

By maintaining control of the situation, parties are also able to decrease the impact of others affected by the split. This is especially important for parents. As a child grows, so does the child's needs, and a previous parenting plan may require modifications. Utilizing mediation may aid in fostering or continuing a positive co-parenting relationship.

These are just a few reasons why mediation after divorce may be beneficial. Depending upon people's situations, there may be more. Former spouses may want to take some time to evaluate how mediation may benefit them, and if they are considering going that route, it may also be helpful to consult with a knowledgeable professional.

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