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How to divorce without going broke

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If you're not careful, divorce can lead you right to the poor house. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to successfully divorce without going broke.

Damage control with the ex

During a divorce, it's natural to view your spouse as the enemy. However, this mindset represents a potentially costly mistake - making your ex angry simply makes them likelier to lash out, and it's your wallet that will feel the brunt of that. Instead, think in terms of trying to manage and control any potential drama. The best way to do this is to frame conversations in terms of their needs and values, and make it clear that you still value those things. This can be a crucial factor between an amicable split and a wallet-draining, tabloid-touted fight.


2 Celebrity divorces: What we learned

Posted on in Divorce

The process of divorce can brutal. Though amicable separationsdoexist, sometimes they may require the help of a professional mediator. Meditation can allow couples to cut out unnecessary court costs, while providing them with privacy and a safe environment in which to resolve their differences in the most stress-free way possible. It seems that some celebrity couples have known this for years, while others still can't seem to avoid a fight.

Let's take a look at two very different divorces.

  1. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard: After just 15 months of marriage, things have taken a dark turn for the couple. Heard's allegations of abuse, combined with her choice to file for a temporary restraining order against Depp, has thrown the couple into the public eye. To make things worse, amidst legal proceedings, Depp's conspicuous silence has led to a lot of public speculation around whether or not Heard's claims might be founded. In addition, Depp is auctioning off his multi-million dollar art collection in preparation for support proceedings.
  2. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin: Since announcing their "conscious uncoupling," this pair have seemed to have it all under control. They have stayed out of the courtroom and dealt with things privately through mediation. Despite finding new romantic partners, they have been able to maintain an amicable partnership as mutually supportive parents for their growing children.

Mediation May Be Right For You

Gwen and Chris have chosen a peaceful method for securing closure at their marriage's end. But, mediation isn't just for Hollywood stars. Divorce Mediation Centers of Texas helps people from all walks of life to fulfill their end-of-marriage objectives without the hassle and stress of a courtroom. Call to learn more in a free consultation.

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