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4 natural things to feel during a divorce

 Posted on July 11, 2017 in Divorce

Even if two spouses are simply not right for each other, a divorce is still a difficult process to go through. Many end up having to deal with it, and in 2013, over 76,000 divorces took place in Texas, according to a report published by the Texas Health and Human Services.

Going through mediation is a good way to try to relieve some of the anxieties of a divorce. No matter how long this period of time takes, divorcing spouses often feel an array of emotions. It can be easy to think these feelings are unhealthy, but rest assured, it is completely normal to go through the following:

1. Missing numerous aspects of married life

Although divorcing couples rarely miss one another, they may miss certain aspects of the marriage, and that can be misleading. For example, a person may miss his or her in-laws or the neighbors at the old house. It is also easy to start missing a sense of certainty and routine in life.

2. Ebbing and flowing of emotions

It is natural to feel sad at certain points of getting divorced and ecstatic at others. Each feeling can last for weeks at a time. As the divorce becomes more finalized, emotions often begin to stabilize.

3. Being reminded of marriage through the most innocent of things

Throughout the divorce, people can be reminded of their exes by restaurants they used to frequent or movies they both enjoyed. It can be tough to separate memories from the item in question. During this time, it can be good to create new memories with close friends and family members.

4. Realizing resilience

It is normal for people to feel sad immediately after getting divorced. This is the case even if the marriage was not particularly great. However, one thing many eventually realize is they are better off, and they also discover how strong they truly are.

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