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5 tips for using social media during a divorce

 Posted on February 13, 2017 in Divorce

Today, it is easy to share everything you feel and every event you experience with the entire world through social media platforms. Whether you are sipping margaritas on a beach or going through a painful divorce, the audience is the same. Unfortunately, many use social media as a platform to spread bad things about their ex or to vent about their divorce. When you are dealing with a painful divorce and need to share information and gain support from family and friends, what is the appropriate way to use social media to do so?

1. Would you say this in person?

It is easy to sit behind a keyboard and spout anger and information about a frustrating situation. The best thing to do when you are deciding whether or not to hit the post button is to decide if the post represents something you would say to the person's face. Remember that anything you post publicly may be admissible in court, so it is often best to air your grievances in person.

2. Is what you are saying true?

When your emotions get involved, it is easy to believe things that may not be true. These untruthful comments may be used against you in court if the other party feels they have been harmed by them. If you have children together, it is particularly important that you only post true statements. You probably have many mutual friends with your spouse, and your comments can affect your children's relationships also.

3. Is the information incriminating?

You may have taken off on the vacation of a lifetime or spoiled yourself with a brand new car during the divorce, but posting about these things can affect your custody agreement or settlement during the divorce. Social media evidence is used more and more in divorce cases, and you do not want the evidence stacked against you.

4. Have you changed your security settings?

Many married couples keep passwords to things such as bank accounts, email and social media. If you are in the middle of a divorce, now is the time to change all your passwords and double check your privacy settings. It may also be a good idea to buckle down and really control who can see your posts.

5. Are you angry posting?

When you are frustrated, it is easy to go on a rant and wake up in the morning regretting what you said publicly. The best thing to do when you are angry and posting on social media is to take a step back and give it a few hours. Go for a walk or do some exercises. If you still feel it needs to be posted, you can do it then.

If you have questions about your divorce and how your social media accounts can play a role in the result, consult an attorney today.

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