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5 signs your marriage may be headed to an end

 Posted on March 14, 2017 in Divorce

It is difficult to pull the plug and make the final decision to end your marriage. Many couples wonder if it is the right thing to do, how it will affect the children and how they will survive without the emotional and financial support of a spouse. The bottom line is that sometimes divorce is a better option than staying together, and you must both know when to admit that it is time to move on. The following are common signs that your marriage may be in trouble.

1. Everything ends in a fight

Do simple things like finding a movie to watch or deciding which restaurant to eat at end in fights and insults hurled at each other? Fights and arguments are common in marriage and are not by themselves a sign that divorce is on the horizon, but if every simple decision evolves into an argument, you may need to think about the future of your marriage.

2. Financial stress

It is difficult to maintain romance when you are both constantly worried about how to pay the bills and make it to the next paycheck. Financial problems are one of the main reasons that people end their marriages. If you just cannot get past the stress of how you live financially, it may be time to think about moving on. Keep in mind that ending the marriage may also create new financial problems as you attempt to maintain two households.

3. Direction and goals are separated

When you first got married, you were likely on the same path and had similar goals. Over time, as your careers change, children come into the picture and your priorities shift, your goals may also be different than they were in the beginning. If you no longer share common goals or values, then your marriage may be coming to an end.

4. You feel no emotion

Just as excess fighting can signify a serious problem in a marriage, so can a total lack of emotion or desire to argue or discuss anything. If you find you have completely given up and do not even have the desire to ask for change, it may be a bad sign for your marriage.

5. One or both of you refuse to get help

Therapy is a common way to overcome self-esteem issues, learn to trust and open yourself up to another person. If one or both of you is not willing to change by getting help, then it may be time to call it quits.

The divorce process can be extremely taxing, expensive and hard on both parties. Mediation is a viable alternative that may save your entire family from unpleasant situations. If you are considering divorce, we encourage you to speak to a mediator today.

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