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3 ways to compromise and avoid stress in a divorce

 Posted on August 08, 2017 in Divorce

Few people can honestly say that their divorce was completely without stress, but there are certainly steps you can take to prevent a tense situation from overwhelming your entire life. If you and your spouse realized that separating is the best option, it is imperative that you work together to find solutions that will help both of you stay sane and make it through the difficulties ahead.

The following are three of the most effective ways you can accomplish this. Approaching your divorce in a mindful and collaborative manner is the key to avoiding unnecessary drama, saving money and preventing a drawn-out battle in a courtroom. Consider the following tips for divorcing with minimal stress.

1. Find common ground

You and your ex likely still have considerable common ground. It may not seem like it, of course, but it is important to look for and find it whenever possible. According to Divorce Magazine, mediation is a great way to establish common ground with your ex, but simply initiating a conversation is a good place to start, too. Try to keep tensions low and identify common goals.

2. Establish your priorities

You and your ex can begin on the road to compromise by establishing mutual priorities, too. If you have kids, it is likely a priority for both of you that your children be well taken care of. If you have pets, you should negotiate who will care for them. Establishing priorities that you share can take the emotion out of negotiation and make it much easier to find solutions that benefit both parties.

3. Consider mediation

The aforementioned option of mediation is indeed a popular path for couples who want to avoid a contentious divorce and instead find a collaborative and cooperative solution. Mediation involves discussing the concerns you and your ex have in the presence of a neutral party. Topics such as custody, spousal support and property division are just a few of the problems that mediation can help solve.

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