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4 things not to fight over in a divorce

 Posted on March 13, 2017 in Divorce

Most divorces don't need to be a long, drawn out and acrimonious process. It can be less stressful if both parties agree to be respectful. This is a challenge for many couples, however.

In order to avoid the bitterness that so often accompanies divorce proceedings, try not to fight over less important things. What really matters in a divorce is the well-being of yourself and your family, so you should do your best to avoid prolonged arguments. Mediation is often helpful for couples who are disputing aspects of their divorce such as:

Separation of assets

It is important, of course, to retain the belongings that are most important to you when you are going through a divorce. Too often, though, people can get caught up in arguing the minute details of belongings accumulated throughout a marriage. When it comes down to it, this is not necessarily the most important factor, and you may benefit from compromising and letting some things go. Rather than fighting over every item, choose your battles wisely and consider whether certain possessions are worth your worries.

Custody of pets

According to the Huffington Post, many lawyers have noticed an increase in couples who dispute the custody of pets after a divorce. Some courts have even responded to this trend by treating pets more like children in divorce proceedings. While your cat or dog is surely an important member of the family, you might wonder to what extent it is worth fighting over the animal's living situation. Disputes such as these can quickly get out of hand.

Social media

Many couples going through a divorce share the news and updates on their social media profiles. This can be problematic, but it is even worse to try to control your ex's social media activity. Unless you have a confidentiality agreement in place, there is little point in trying to silence your former spouse, and any attempt to do so is likely to be an expensive, fruitless and stressful process.

Parenting styles

Another common source of disputes among divorcing couples is the parenting style adopted by the other. While anything that seriously violates the child's best interests should be addressed, it is not worth instigating a fight over the minutiae of their habits and the other parent's relationship with your child. Doing so is more likely to harm your kids than help them.

When it comes to divorce, minimizing stress is important, and mediation may be the best way to do so. Contacting a mediator can help you better understand the alternatives to litigation.

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