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Reducing stress during divorce

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Divorce can be stressful and difficult. The emotions you deal with when ending your marriage can be overwhelming. From coping with the end of your relationship to the difficulties of resolving details to reach a settlement, you may feel like there is no way to alleviate the whirlwind of stress.

Getting a divorce may be the most painful and stressful thing you ever experience. However, there are several things you can do to lessen the emotional impact. Here are some steps you can take to have a more peaceful divorce.

1. Surround yourself with people


How to avoid unnecessary costs during divorce

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Divorce can be costly — often unexpectedly so. For example, the price tag of a two-day divorce trial can run to $25,000. Even a simple, uncontested divorce can cost more than a thousand dollars.

You do not want to make a difficult process worse by losing financial security. There are several ways you can save money during a divorce.

Eliminate as much emotion from the picture as possible


Common reasons people divorce

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Unfortunately, marriage is not always easy. The sad truth is that not all marriages last until "death do us part." No matter how much love is present at the beginning, various things can lead to a marriage falling apart.

How exactly do couples go from being happily married to bitterly divorced? Here are some of the top reasons people end their marriages.

Poor communication


Career factors that contribute to divorce

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Though couples join in matrimony hoping to have long, loving relationships, that does not always happen. While it is widely known that financial strains often result in marital troubles, people whose job's include the following factors also tend to have higher rates of divorce.


Military service is one of the main professions that experience higher levels of divorce. In part, this is due to the great amount of travel that these individuals must do. Especially when deployments keep the spouses away from each other for months at a time, the distance and lack of constant communication can take a toll.


You may have gotten your finances in order, found a new place to live or talked to your parents. But one step of divorce not to overlook in your preparation is deciding when and how to break the news to your children.

Your approach and timing can make a significant difference in how your children handle the divorce. Although your children's ages and maturity levels influence what you say, the following tips are applicable to any family.

Sit down with your children

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