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What to do if you cannot afford a divorce

 Posted on January 08, 2019 in Uncategorized

The only thing worse than being in an unhappy marriage is feeling like you cannot afford to get out of it. While getting a divorce may not be the most joyous process, it is better than feeling miserable in a relationship that is going south. What do you do when you do not have enough funds to hire an attorney or move out on your own?

Contrary to popular belief, divorces do not need to be expensive. You can leave your spouse without breaking the bank. Here is how to do it.

Divorce without attorneys

You may assume you need a lawyer to end your marriage, but that is not true at all. You can forgo hiring an adversarial attorney by opting for a neutral third party instead. The best way to achieve this is by entering into mediation.

How mediation works

In mediation, the third party helps you resolve your marital issues without stepping foot in court. The purpose of mediating your divorce is to reach an agreement based on compromise. Mediation sessions take place in calm and welcoming environments. The mediator will assist you and your spouse in working out all the details of your divorce, including custody and property division. At the end of the process, you and your spouse sign a binding agreement.

Represent yourselves in court

Once you, your spouse and the mediator create a mediation agreement, you will bring it to the court. Going to court once is necessary to make your divorce official, but you do not need to bring lawyers with you. Instead, you and your spouse can simply finalize the divorce on your own. When you submit the agreement to the judge, you can have peace of mind that you have control over the process.

Getting a divorce without lawyers is one of the best ways to achieve an affordable and peaceful divorce.

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