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The dos and don'ts of divorce and kids

 Posted on May 04, 2018 in Child Custody Mediation

Your divorce is likely to be heartbreaking for your children. As you may suspect, it can take a long time for kids to move on after their parents' divorce. Fortunately, when you and other Texas parents understand how divorce affects children, you may help them adjust to this difficult period.

As HelpGuide explains, children react to their parents' divorce in different ways. It is how you approach the topic with them and work with your ex-spouse that can have a positive or negative impact.

What to avoid during a divorce

It can be tempting to let negative emotions get the better of you when dealing with your ex. Do not give in to the urge to talk badly about your ex to your children or use them to mine for information. Your children need to know that it is OK to love both parents. It can be emotionally damaging to make them feel like they must take sides. Do not ignore signs of depression or anxiety in your children. Some kids adjust rather quickly to a divorce, but it can take significantly longer for others to recover.

How to help your kids cope

Consider ways to minimize the conflict of your divorce. Mediation is often a far preferable alternative to a lengthy court fight, and a mediated divorce can greatly lessen the emotional toll on your children. Be open and honest when your children inevitably ask questions about the divorce, but also keep your answers age appropriate. Keep a regular daily routine, which can provide structure and comfort in a time of upheaval. Be aware of signs that your children may need counseling to help them deal with difficult emotions.

There is no reason that your children cannot grow up happy, healthy and well-adjusted with divorced parents. Your support and love are the main things they need during and after your divorce.

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