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Divorce: Keep this in mind to minimize stress

 Posted on January 30, 2020 in Uncategorized

Certain situations in life can become all-consuming. Maybe you are going through something at work, your boss is being demanding, you and your co-workers are under the gun, and you know your job might be at risk if you don't finish the project on time. When the stakes are high, you might start thinking about work 24/7 and have trouble remembering something or even forget to eat or drink water during the day. A Texas divorce can be like this, too.

Especially, if you're a parent, your intentions might be good — you really just want to finalize a settlement as swiftly as possible, leave the past behind and move on in life with your kids. If you and your spouse disagree on important issues, such as child custody or property division, the process might take a lot longer and become highly stressful. That's why it's important to consider ways to keep stress to a minimum as you resolve your disagreements.

What is a divorce diet?

On one hand, you might be pleased if you step onto your scale at home and see that you have dropped a lot of weight. It's not uncommon for people going through a stressful divorce to experience sudden, significant weight loss. The reason is that they are so stressed that they are not eating in a healthy manner, perhaps, not eating at all. Losing weight too quickly can have serious, adverse effects on your health.

Therefore, it is critical that you eat if you want to stay healthy and keep stress to a minimum, no matter how focused you want to be on divorce negotiations. There is evidence that eating whole foods instead of sugary, processed foods helps keep depression at bay.

Confide in someone

You don't have to go through your divorce alone. While you might want to exhibit a positive attitude for the sake of your children, it doesn't mean you should not acknowledge and process your own emotions in a healthy manner. In fact, keeping your feelings bottled up inside can cause severe stress, which can lead to physical health problems.

You hopefully have a strong support network of family members and close friends to whom you can turn to talk about your divorce. If you're not comfortable doing that and would rather keep the situation private, you might consider meeting with a licensed counselor who will keep what you say in confidence but can provide guidance and support to help you de-stress.

It's okay to be happy

Just because you have filed for divorce doesn't mean you are not entitled to joy in your daily life. The fact is your children are far likelier to cope in a healthy manner and adapt to a new lifestyle if they believe that you still have happiness and love in your life. Some Texas parents feel guilty when they divorce because they know their decisions will affect their children and that their children might be sad.

However, if your kids see that you are not afraid to show love and allow yourself to be happy, they are more likely to rise above any sorrowful feelings they might have as well.

Additional reminders to help keep stress low

When you and your spouse need to resolve child-related or financial issues before you can achieve a fair and agreeable settlement, you might lie awake at night, stressing over the situation. If you want to keep stress levels as low as possible, getting adequate amounts of sleep is a key factor toward success.

As for the divorce-related issues you must work out before you can finalize your divorce, peaceful negotiation through mediation is an option many people choose. If you agree to mediate your divorce, you can avoid litigation, which can help save money and time. This, in turn, can help you avoid high levels of stress.

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