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An amicable divorce does exist

 Posted on January 27, 2019 in Uncategorized

Ever scroll through social media and see those cute pictures of divorced people who still throw joint birthday parties, go on vacations together and celebrate holidays together, all for the sake of the children? If your separation appears to be on a path to a much less happy ending, there is a way you can help reduce the stress and angst divorce actions cause: family law mediation.

When trying to minimize costs and stress during divorce proceedings, consider going the route of a mediator to assist in settling matters amicably for both parties. While you may not want to book a vacation with your ex, you may wind up feeling less hostile.

Mediation is less threatening than court

Going through the judicial system intimidates even the most educated person. The bickering that occurs may result in your divorce getting decided by a judge. In the cases where a couple takes their case all the way to the courtroom, the cost and stakes wind up high. Legal fees add up quickly when court filings multiply, and lawyers argue in front of judges. The stakes may wind up higher when leaving your future up to a third party who has no real concept of your actual needs.

Mediation involves compromise

Mediation allows the parties to come together either in the same room or separate (depending on preference) to hash out a plan reasonably and economically. The back and forth fighting via email, text and in-person stays in the lobby as the former spouses get the guidance necessary to compromise in a lower-stress environment.

The high stress of divorce, even in the best-case scenario situation, may force you to make snap decisions and give in where you did not want to. Engaging a family law mediator allows the parties to hash out a final settlement accomplished with fewer threats and more decisive action.

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