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A guide to getting an inexpensive divorce

 Posted on October 26, 2018 in Uncategorized

If you can tell your marriage is nearing its end, you may be contemplating the various aspects of the divorce process. One thing on your mind is probably how the split will impact your finances. Divorcing can be an expensive experience, but it does not need to be that way.

Breaking up with your current spouse does not need to result in financial turmoil. Follow these simple guidelines to have an affordable split.

Divorce without lawyers

You do not need to litigate the end of your marriage, especially because litigation is the most costly divorce method. Not only that, but it takes more time, gives you less control of the process and can cause further issues after the settlement. Instead of bringing your divorce to the courtroom, you can choose mediation. Mediation is a low-conflict, quick, cooperative and less expensive avenue to divorce.

Focus on important assets only

It is easy to lose sight of what matters when you are in a highly emotional situation. You may get into arguments with your spouse about insignificant belongings. If you spend your time bickering over a rug or piece of furniture, you can expect your divorce to become more expensive. Focus on the assets that will impact your finances for years, such as retirement assets, joint bank accounts, the family home and life insurance policies.

Make peace your goal

Too many people who are getting a divorce are only out to get revenge. If vengeance is your goal, you will only drive up costs and make yourself miserable. What you truly want–and need–is peace. While you may harbor some anger toward your ex, do not let it ruin your own finances or emotions. As you negotiate the terms of your divorce, think of the decisions that will make you happiest. Additionally, consider what will be best for your children, and even your spouse.

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