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3 tips for having a low-stress divorce

 Posted on June 26, 2019 in Uncategorized

No matter the frustration you may feel towards your spouse, the choice to break up is never easy. Both of you will likely feel strong emotions during the process. Ending your marriage will certainly be difficult, but it does not need to overwhelm you.

It is possible to have a low-stress divorce. Here are some suggestions and techniques for reducing your anxiety during your split.

1. Consider mediation

Divorcing through the court is more likely to result in confrontations, disagreements and battles. Mediation can lead to fewer arguments and better communication between you and your ex. Even if you two do not want to be married any longer, you can still work out the issues without getting caught up in a nasty, contentious divorce.

2. Reach out for support

It may be tempting to withdraw yourself as your marriage comes to an end. While some alone time is certainly normal and necessary, you do not want to be completely isolated. Hanging out with friends and family members who you trust to comfort you can be a great help in reducing the emotional impact of the divorce. Do not feel ashamed about joining a support group or seeing a counselor, either. It is vital to work through your emotions in healthy ways.

3. Start the process of moving on and forgiving

You may feel hurt and angry for various reasons right now. These emotions are valid and you do not need to deny them. In fact, you should allow yourself to feel them. But do not fall into the trap of endless resentment and seeking revenge. It may take a long time to completely move on – perhaps months or even years. But if you focus on the present and the future rather than dwelling on the past, your divorce will be much more peaceful. You cannot change the past, so try to focus on creating a positive new life for yourself.

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