During this period of Health uncertainty, Divorce Mediation Centers of America and The Easley Law Group advises Mediation if at all possible as:
Mediation takes less than a day and:
Can be done virtually if requested or in privacy of our office practicing social distancing
No Courthouse visit. They are closed
We file everything electronically with the court.

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No Lawyers · No Legal Fees · No Courtroom Drama

Are you ready to divorce and want to avoid a legal battle?
Mediation offers a clear, cost-effective path to reaching an agreement.

Mediation may help you choose a custody exchange site

During your divorce, your children are likely to be your top priority. If you plan to share physical custody of your kids with your ex-spouse, you must pick a spot to exchange them at the end of your scheduled parenting time. 

You and your ex-spouse may have some strong disagreements about where to hand off the kids. Fortunately, mediation is often a ready way to settle these disputes. Before beginning mediation, though, you may want to choose a few potential exchange locations. 

A neutral hand-off site

While it may seem natural to exchange the kids at your home or your ex’s, doing so may cause unnecessary friction. When beginning the mediation process, you may need to convince your children’s co-parent to explore other hand-off sites. Picking a neutral location is usually smart. 

A safe exchange location

During mediation, you probably want to propose exchange sites that have few safety risks. Remember, a place that is safe during warm weather may become unsafe when temperatures drop or a storm develops. 

A convenient swap spot

You and your ex-spouse want to spend as much quality time with your kids as possible. Accordingly, when proposing custody exchange spots, you should think about convenience. Finding a place you and your children’s co-parent can quickly and easily access is ideal. 

Whether you plan to live near your spouse or further away, using mediation to find a convenient, safe and neutral location is likely to help you find the perfect custody exchange site for your post-divorce family.