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How to care for your mental health in a divorce

| Oct 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

A divorce is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. All that stress can harm a person’s health, as chronic stress has links to weight gain, depression, insomnia and high blood pressure. 

You cannot avoid stress entirely in your life, but you can take steps to make sure it does not overpower you. Even a relatively amicable divorce can lead to a certain amount of stress, which is why you need to pursue certain actions throughout the process to make sure you get through it all right. 

Talk to someone

It is natural to feel angry or depressed during a divorce. However, you want to talk through these feelings to friends and loved ones. If you do not have anyone close to you to talk to, then you should consider seeing a therapist. It is important to voice your emotions and get them out in the open.

Avoid self-medication

Many people resort to food or alcohol to deal with stress. This is not healthy at all. Going to a bar with friends and have a few mimosas is one thing, but if you find yourself drinking an excessive amount of alcohol at home by yourself to feel better, then you have a problem. It is vital to avoid these temptations and find other healthier outlets for your stress. 

Maintain a consistent routine

A regular routine can work wonders during a divorce. It may feel right to take some time off work to deal with yourself, but these activities are good for taking your mind off the separation. You should focus on your career and any children you have. It makes it clear that you have a purpose in life and that you will get through this time in one piece.