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A friendly divorce may make your post-divorce future better

Divorce can be a tremendously stressful and sad experience. After all, when you decide to separate from someone you promised to love forever, you must deal with a variety of emotions. You do not, though, have to have a full-on battle with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. 

While as many as half of marriages end in divorce, amicable divorces are on the rise. That is for good reason, as spouses often save both money and emotional capital when they use a mediator to dissolve a marriage instead of a lawyer. What may surprise you, though, is that you may have a better post-divorce future by opting for a friendly marriage dissolution. 

Maintain a healthy relationship with your ex-spouse 

Mediating a divorce often requires both partners to make concessions. When you work with the right mediator, though, the situation remains productive instead of acrimonious. By negotiating with your partner in good faith, you maintain a healthy relationship. If you have children with your spouse or continue to own property together, avoiding a bruising court battle may make good sense. 

Bring important matters to light 

Even though you are planning a divorce, you must not think of the end of your marriage as a failure. Instead, you may want to view it as a way to move forward. Nonetheless, you may have significant matters you want to discuss. Unfortunately, divorce court is usually not the best place to have a meaningful discussion about anything. When you go through an amicable divorce, though, you have plenty of time to bring important matters to light. 

Plan for your financial future 

Divorce can be all-consuming. Still, your divorce will eventually conclude. When it does, you likely want to focus on building a new life. As you probably know, post-divorce finances can be scary. While mediating a divorce may not be exactly cheap, it may save you a considerable amount over hiring a lawyer. You can then put any money you save toward achieving success with your future goals. 

Mediation probably is not right for every couple. Nonetheless, it is always hard to find any winners after a messy divorce. If you opt for an amicable divorce, you may find your post-divorce situation to be better than you expect.

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