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No Courthouse visit. They are closed
We file everything electronically with the court.

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How to prepare for an amicable divorce

| Apr 26, 2019 | Uncategorized

Not all Texas divorces end up in court where one spouse screams and fights to prolong the battle and dissolution process. Divorce mediation makes it possible to have an amicable divorce if you and your spouse agree that ending your marriage is better than trying to prolong what is inevitable. 

To make the separation easier, do not rush the process. It is a good idea to prepare before filing the divorce papers. Even if you and your partner think you have things all figured out, here are a few pointers to help you stay on track and prevent unexpected issues and delays. 

Take care of your emotional health 

One of the biggest issues that can cause problems in the divorce process is unresolved feelings. Being in agreement about the end of the relationship does not necessarily mean that both parties are on the same page about their feelings on the matter. Consider seeing a therapist to work through your emotions so you are in the right state-of-mind to handle anything the separation process throws your way and remain amicable with your ex. 

Do not listen to the peanut gallery 

Divorce has so many stigmas attached to it, and many of them are not positive. Once your friends and family find out the news, you can expect to receive a lot of unsolicited advice. While those in your corner may offer suggestions and mean well, you and your spouse know your situation better than anyone. No matter what your friend and family’s experiences are regarding divorce, each one is unique. Take nonexpert divorce advice with a grain of salt, and be sure to seek out professional guidance so you can base your decisions on what is best for you without having to get an attorney

Do not lose grip on reality 

Sometimes, divorce brings about unrealistic expectations, especially if there is fault, some sense of entitlement or misconceptions. Find out what you are really entitled to, so you do not end up fighting for what you do not deserve or creating complications that make your separation more challenging to finalize. Keep your expectations realistic to get a more favorable settlement without inciting drama. 

Amicable divorces do not necessarily mean easy street. However, with a little preparation and resources, you can keep the battle out of court and finalize the details faster without all the headache and expense of a contentious divorce.