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3 major downsides of a litigated divorce

Divorce is a painful process that typically takes an emotional toll on all parties involved. Even if you mutually agree that it is the best option, you can likely expect a certain level of contention to follow. This is especially true if you choose to go through the traditional divorce process and duke it out in court. While this is the method of the majority, it is not necessarily the most productive path.

Many people are unaware that there is an alternative, though. Mediation offers another way to negotiate the details of a divorce without going through the process of court. There are a number of reasons why it is becoming increasingly popular. You might see why when you consider the following downsides of a litigated divorce.

1. It takes more time

According to the Huffington Post, a litigated divorce typically takes longer than a mediated divorce. This means that all of the emotional stress and tension you are feeling will be even more drawn out if you choose to go to court with your divorce. Court generally is not known for the efficiency of its process, so it is important to know that you must likely endure the whole process longer through litigation.

2. You spend more money

Because the process takes longer, it is also liable to cost more. Remember that if you go to court, you will likely have to hire an attorney, and the longer the process goes on, the higher the bill is going to be. Ultimately, this can be a waste of money, when there are less expensive and more efficient alternatives available for your divorce.

3. You feel more stress

At the end of the day, court is a stressful process. It is not fun to go through litigation, and it takes a serious toll on everybody involved. It is vital that you consider how much stress you can handle throughout the process, and it is also important to choose the option which will minimize your stress. For many people, this is mediation instead of litigation.

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