During this period of Health uncertainty, Divorce Mediation Centers of America and The Easley Law Group advises Mediation if at all possible as:
Mediation takes less than a day and:
Can be done virtually if requested or in privacy of our office practicing social distancing
No Courthouse visit. They are closed
We file everything electronically with the court.

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No Lawyers · No Legal Fees · No Courtroom Drama

Are you ready to divorce and want to avoid a legal battle?
Mediation offers a clear, cost-effective path to reaching an agreement.

Common reasons people divorce

Unfortunately, marriage is not always easy. The sad truth is that not all marriages last until “death do us part.” No matter how much love is present at the beginning, various things can lead to a marriage falling apart. 

How exactly do couples go from being happily married to bitterly divorced? Here are some of the top reasons people end their marriages. 

Poor communication

If people cannot communicate, they cannot grow together or solve problems. Healthy marital communication requires talking about hard subjects and working together to resolve issues. According to Marriage.com, making nasty comments, yelling at one another and not talking enough everyday can all result in couples growing distant and getting divorced. 

Having unrealistic expectations

While couples should not settle, they should also not have ridiculous expectations. Marital expectations hardly ever align with realities. People who make too many assumptions are setting their spouses up for failure. Those with high expectations feel constantly let down unnecessarily. 


A lot of people do not want to put effort into their marriages. Too many couples believe that marriage will automatically make them happy without needing to do any work. Marriage requires self-exploration and consistent personal improvement to thrive. 

Financial incompatibility

Money causes a lot of problems in relationships. While lack of money causes issues, incompatible views on finances can put a strain on marriages even when there is enough money flowing into the household. A penny-pincher and big spender will argue regardless of financial stability. 

Lack of support

Couples need support from one another. Not only do people need their partners to be there for them during hard times, but they also need praise during triumphs. If one spouse is not supportive of another during a job promotion, the marriage is likely in trouble. 

Even though these types of problems may lead to divorce, divorcing couples might be able to separate amicably without lawyers. Please reach out to us to learn more.