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3 reasons for modifying custody with the help of a mediator

Even if mediation helped you get through your divorce with minimal conflict and an amicable settlement, sometimes circumstances change. If your situation has substantially changed, you might be considering making modifications to your child custody order. If you and your ex are still willing to work together, post-divorce mediation can help.

Why go and litigate everything if you do not have to? Learn about the following circumstances in which modifying your parenting plan with the help of a mediator may be necessary.

1. Unstable environment

If your ex is the custodial parent and becomes unable to provide your child with a stable environment, you may want to pursue modification. Altering custody may be necessary if the custodial parent exhibits the following behavior:

  • Moves frequently
  • Abuses alcohol
  • Gets into new relationships often
  • Frequently changes jobs
  • Fails to fulfill the parenting plan schedule

If these things have changed since the original custody order, you might consider sitting down with a mediator to discuss your options. 

2. Physical relocation of either parent

Moving away can cause major changes for your child, especially if it makes the parenting plan impractical or impossible. If the relocation affects the relationships between your child and siblings, extended family or you as the non-custodial parent, it might be worth pursuing a modification.

3. Child preferences

In the state of Texas, the preferences of your child may be an influential factor in custody decisions once he or she is 12 years of age or older. Although this is only one factor among many, a significant change in preference is important to consider.

Before you begin trying to change your child custody agreement, you should try to communicate with the other parent and come up with a mutual decision. Working together through mediation can be faster and less contentious. If you have questions about the likelihood of modifying your parenting plan, contact a mediator for advice. 

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