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2 tips for avoiding a divorce with a lawyer

 Posted on May 10, 2019 in Uncategorized

Though the term divorce is often synonymous with court and lawyers, many couples navigate their divorces without attorneys or contentious court battles.

Divorce is a decision that requires careful contemplation and preparation. Couples who want to avoid the drama and legal ramifications of separation and save money and stress should consider the following pointers on having a divorce with minimal attorney involvement.

1. Determine what the dominant issues are

Couples who have children, businesses, real estate, multiple assets and a large disparity in separate income at stake have fewer things to consider during their separations. These issues often require more legal and professional assistance to ensure the most vulnerable parties (often the kids and lower-earning spouse) are not taken advantage of. Partners, where the playing field is close to level, should work together to identify what their primary concerns are regarding the dissolution process and work them out. They should also make it known that they are willing to collaborate to avoid having to rely on the legal system.

2. Get creative with settlement offers

Many spouses are not aware that they have options when it comes to their divorce settlements. The law dictates how all marital assets are dealt with, but couples have some flexibility in the final outcome of their divorce settlement. As long as the potential offers do not violate the marital property distribution, spouses can make counter offers with different personal assets to help counter their partners' demands and reach an alternative arrangement to the original offer.

An amicable divorce is not always without conflict and challenges. However, couples who commit to putting their pride and personal feelings aside encounter fewer issues that enable to resolve their divorce with mediation and other resources to minimize attorney involvement.

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