During this period of Health uncertainty, Divorce Mediation Centers of America and The Easley Law Group advises Mediation if at all possible as:
Mediation takes less than a day and:
Can be done virtually if requested or in privacy of our office practicing social distancing
No Courthouse visit. They are closed
We file everything electronically with the court.

Law Office of Sharon Easley
No Lawyers · No Legal Fees · No Courtroom Drama

Are you ready to divorce and want to avoid a legal battle?
Mediation offers a clear, cost-effective path to reaching an agreement.

Peaceful. Affordable. Mediation.

Divorce Without Lawyers

Child Custody Mediation

Mediation: The Secret To A Simple, Cost-Effective Divorce

In almost 30 years of practicing law, we became deeply familiar with the downfalls of the American family law system. Our team is now committed to helping spouses and parents to achieve their legal goals without suing each other, without fighting and completely destroying their relationships, and without expensive lawyers.

If you are seeking a peaceful, fast and cheap divorce, we are ready to help you. From offices in Plano, Divorce Mediation Centers of America serves clients throughout Collin County, Dallas County and statewide.

Never Step Foot In A Courtroom

We have watched countless couples spend tens of thousands of dollars to end their marriages. Eventually, we realized that a courtroom is no place to make decisions that critically impact the future of the individuals and their children. We offer step-by-step, comprehensive mediation guidance, as well as instructions on how to file for divorce online, so you never have to step foot in a courtroom.

DIY Divorce? Contact Us Instead.

Many of our clients are interested in filing for an uncontested divorce without lawyers, but realize they need some help to make sure the paperwork is completed and filed correctly. If you are searching for divorce forms and have questions, contact our team for answers. We will help you establish a clear plan and achieve your goals.

Call Divorce Mediation Centers of America at 469-406-4320 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation today.

“Incredible attorney!”

“Sharon made our very difficult situation smooth and caring. She did a wonderful job at keeping us on task and helping us to be able to slow down when emotions got high. She was amazing at slowing us down and helping us think through what was best for our children and ourselves. By the end of our session we both felt heard and respected. We were blessed by the entire process and pray that others will use this to move forward in a fair and healthy way. Thank you Sharon!”

Michelle, 2020

“We did not want to spend money on lawyers.”

“If you are going to divorce, I strongly encourage everyone go through divorce mediation rather than using attorneys. The cost is so much lower this way which means in the end, more money in your pocket. Sharon is very knowledgeable, very fair to both sides and great about keeping both parties calm and on track during the process. I highly recommend Sharon.”

Rebecca, 2020